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Dental Implants

Why choose dental implants? 

Any time you have a tooth removed, there is a chance that the surrounding teeth will shift over time, changing your bite or the appearance of your smile. Additionally, bone resorption following teeth extraction is almost inevitable. Having an implant placed shortly after tooth removal will minimize bone resorption after extraction and will prevent teeth from shifting into the extraction site. 

What if I want to postpone the implant placement?

You may consider a procedure called socket preservation which involves grafting the extraction site with artificial bone which will reduce the bone resorption following tooth removal. 

This is an example of what can happen after a tooth extraction without a dental implant.

teeth movement after extraction ##.png
teeth movement after extraction.png

How much do dental implants cost? 

There are a lot of factors that will affect the cost of a dental implant. A single implant, excluding the crown, would typically cost around $1998 in our office. Most insurance companies will cover a portion of the crown cost but only a few can cover the implant.

There are some other factors that would affect the final cost. The top 4 influences on the cost of dental implants are: 

  • If adjunctive procedures are needed: The cost might go up if the patient requires bone grafting or a sinus lift procedure. These procedures are usually required due to bone resorption that happens after many years of lack of function after tooth loss.

  • Guided vs. regular implant placement: A guided stent that is fabricated in the dental lab based on intra-oral scan and 3D image, will allow us to place the implant in a very conservative way without incisions or sutures. 

  • Whether the patient would need a temporary crown during the healing period. This is typically required for the front teeth. 

  • A single health care provider vs. multiple providers: In our office, one dentist does the whole procedure from start to finish including the CBCT scan, the implant surgical placement, and the restoration of the implant. That controls all factors including the cost. 

At New Meadows Dental, we use Straumann implants, one of the top leaders in the field of dental implants.

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