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Family Dentistry

New Meadows Dental offers dental services for the entire family. Everything from general dentistry to more specialized services - we can take care of your entire family's dental needs in our office.  

What we can do for you!

The health and dental care of our community is our top priority.

At New Meadows Dental, we are dedicated to looking after your dental health and providing you with a modern, up-to-date dental treatment individualized to your functional and aesthetic needs. 

In our dental clinic, we are adopting the digital dental technology in our diagnosis and treatment. This makes dental care more convenient and gives extra diagnostic details that facilitate choosing the right treatment plan. Our contemporary technological approaches include:

  • Adding 3 dimensional imaging to the traditional 2 dimensional imaging. 

  • Moving from traditional impressions to digital scans.

  • Enhancing the visual exams with HD intra-oral cameras.

What makes our practice stand out

Everything in our new office is designed with your comfort in mind.

We prioritize patient autonomy and informed decision making. 

We discuss all treatment options and prioritize what is urgent, necessary, and elective. 

We have the advanced technology to provide excellent dental care. 

From intra oral cameras and digital scanners to the advanced 3D CT Imaging technique, we are up to date with the modern diagnostic procedures and the contemporary treatment modalities. 

We offer gentle dentistry in a friendly environment! 

You can receive a friendly and professional service while watching Netflix or listening to your favourite music using our noise cancelling headphones, supported by modern technology. Most importantly though, you'll be taken care of by team members that truly cares about your comfort. At New Meadows Dental we explore all treatment options with you and prioritize what truly needs to be done. 

Most of our procedures are done in office.

The fact that we are able to offer most procedures in office not only saves you time but also helps to lower the cost! For example, Dr. Hanna does most oral surgical procedures like wisdom teeth extraction, removal of cysts, or placing implants and bone grafts in office. We also offer 2D and 3D X-rays in office which minimizes the need for us to refer you to a specialist office! 

No more goopy impressions!

We use optically assisted laser scanners at our dental clinic that allow for real-time imaging. This technology has many advantages versus using impression material. First and foremost, you are spared the need for any contact with messy impression material. Those with strong gag reflexes may particularly benefit from the digital technology because the scanner doesn't touch the soft palate. Additionally, we prioritize patient comfort, and our advanced techniques help minimize potential issues, such as pain after dental fillings, ensuring a positive and pain-free experience for our valued patients.


This type of imaging allows us to see the model being built as you proceed through the scanning process, and we will be able to discuss your case immediately. The digital scan reaches the laboratory immediately without any distortion, and is saved indefinitely for future reference. There is no additional cost to use this amazing state of the art technology! 

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Our Memberships & Affiliations

British Columbia Dental Association
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International Congress of Oral Implantologists
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Itero Digital Practice

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